Sunday, September 30, 2012

Alfresco Share in IE Compatibility Mode

Alfresco Share is not supported in Internet Explorer Compatibility Views - for both IE8 Compat View and IE9 Compat View.

There are number of UI bugs crops up in these mode of the browser, where as these works even in IE6 (and of course these works in IE7, IE8 onwards).

For example, one of the functionalities that does not work in Compat View is inserting image in a Wiki page.

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  1. Hi Snig,

    Need your inputs on alfresco workflows.
    Is it possible to programmatically identify and delete workflows in Alfresco 3.2?
    I see that later versions have a getAllCompletedWorkflows() method but 3.2 doesn't have it. So how do I retrieve completed workflows?

    Please suggest. Badly in need of help here.