Friday, February 18, 2011

Workflows for Deleted Sites in Share

You can very well delete a site in alfresco share. However, what happens to the workflows in progress in the site?

If you delete a site, the workflows remains as it is. For example, if you have document approval flow going on in a particular site, and then you delete the site - the workflow still stays, thus when you try to approve or reject the document, it behaves erratically.

The workflows should also be cancelled or deleted while you remove a site in alfresco.
Same applies to any space as well? It should first check if any workflow in going on in that space or sub-space.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Alfresco Share Extra Dashlets

Wonderful effort by Will Abson.
Some interesting Alfresco Share extension dashlets can be found at

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Organization Hierarchy in Alfresco

Alfresco, as we know, does not support implementation of Organization Hierarchy.
For example, you cannot establish the hierarchy of your Organization via the user details in Alfresco.

Very often, you need setting up the user hierarchy in the ECM system, for example if you want to implement automatic assignment of tasks to your superior.

You, however, can use the owner property of the user object to store the superior's user-id. Thus you can have full parent-child relationships between users in alfresco.

You can also create a custom aspect having the properties reflecting hierarchy information, associate that with user type (cm:person), and hold the relevant data into that.

One interesting implementation of this is, if you have your organization hierarchy stored in your AD or LDAP, you directly import this information while synchronizing the user data with alfresco. In the post on Alfresco Authentication and Integration with Active Directory, I have given some example on synchronizing the LDAP attributes into alfresco like


You can add another custom synchronization setting along with these to import the Boss Id of the current user.

For Businesses

Implementing and Storing the Organization Hierarchy in an ECM system like Alfresco has quite a few business advantages. Implementing automatic workflows within departments requires the system to know the manager's id of the user.
You can implement the departments of your organization as Sites in Alfresco Share; however, the roles Collaborator, Contributor etc are not hierarchical, and thus unable to translate the pecking order of a particular organization. One way to implement this is to create groups and sub-groups as per departments.