Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hiding the Header bar of Alfresco Share portlets in Liferay

Recently I was creating a demo for one of our customers who wanted to use Share portlets in Liferay.

Environment: Alfresco 4.0.2, Liferay 6.1.0

The Share portlets were easily deployed and working in Liferay. However, the default Share header bar was not expected inside the portlet.

It was presented like there are two navigation bars in your screen - one is from Liferay navigation, another of Share Header.

Thus I needed to get rid of the header, but since the same page as of Share application is used in the portlet container as well, I couldn't simply get rid of the header.

Added a few lines in site-webscripts/org/alfresco/header.get.html.ftl file.

<#assign portlet = context.attributes.portletHost!false>
<#if portlet>
    <#assign todo="we are not displaying header in portlet context. so nothing to do">
    <#-- The original Header generator FTL code goes here -->

It made the header bar not rendered while in Portlet, but the bar was as usual displayed in the Share application.