Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alfresco 3 Cookbook: for whom?

Alfresco 3 Cookbook – Recipes for Practical Usage of Alfresco.

The book is a collection of knowledge articles and recipes stating and demonstrating the most important, useful and imperative concepts and functionalities of Alfresco.

The book is designed purely for Alfresco Developers and System Integrators - from beginner to advanced level.

  • If you are a software developer, interested in content management systems, want to work in alfresco or already experienced in alfresco, you need very objective set of instructions on how to perform certain tasks in Alfresco.
    Alfresco 3 Cookbook is a developer’s friend to start working on alfresco quickly, getting complete understanding, writing custom implementations and achieving the expertise very easily.
  • As alfresco administrator and architect, you will know how to compile, deploy, install, configure and customize alfresco.
  • If you are a system integrator, you will be able to establish alfresco as a corporate enterprise content management solution.

The book is written for software developers who needs to know more on Alfresco, write applications and extensions on alfresco, very quickly, in order to implement their own ECM system.

The book is structured as a collection of recipes for real-world problems and requirements. Each recipe includes the problem/requirement definition, step-by-step instructions to fulfill the requirement (How to do it) and a complete analysis (How it works) of the solution. Corresponding screenshots and complete code segments are also included.

Step-by-step instructions are given on how to compile, build, deploy, install and configure alfresco.

As a developer or architect you can follow the guidelines, implement the scenario by yourself, understand how it is working and finally gain expertise on mostly all aspects of alfresco development and customization.


  1. Really its very useful for topic.Keep writing some more interesting topics like a lifrary training and alfresco training.

  2. Thanks Ava.
    Glad you liked the content.

    More titles are in the pipeline for several topics of Liferay and Alfresco.