Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tutorial: Building Alfresco Web Scripts, deploying as Liferay Portlets - Introduction

Today, in ever-growing world of Knowledge Management Alfresco has established itself as the most competent Open Source alternative.

In addition of being Open Source and its flexible licensing model (GPL), its dynamic design and extensibility makes it one of the most palpable choices in this domain today.

As it says
  • 5 Times Faster than Traditional Closed Systems
  • 10 Times Cheaper than Traditional Closed Systems
One of its smart innovation is the Web Scripts. A few cool features are offered by this model:
  • Web Scripts are by default exposed as REST services which can return data in various formats like HTML, XML, ATOM, JSON
  • Web Scripts, after a little pain, can be deployed as JSR portlets in any JSR container
Thus, this makes a commendable choice to develop applications over Alfresco.

This set of posts discusses how Web Scripts can be developed in Alfresco, and deployed in a JSR container such as Liferay.

However, this does assume that you have knowledge about Alfresco Web Scripts, Liferay Portal and a brief knowledge on their architecture. This also assumes you have already deployed Alfresco in Liferay context.

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